About Us

Ryszard Gliniecki

Managing Director

Choix Naturel co-founder and joint Managing Director Ryszard (Rick) Gliniecki has been in the textile / Carpet / Rug / Design industry for 36 years. He is the world pioneer of natural undyed alpaca carpets. Rick is passionate about all things environmentally friendly. 18 years ago he decided to determine if it was possible to take one of the world’s most luxurious fibres and create an undyed ‘shade repeatable’ range of carpets. Through research and development within his yarn spinning and tufting/ finishing mill and testing by the CSIRO and Australian Wool Testing Authority, Rick identified the numerous features and benefits achievable over regular carpets. He painstakingly invested 12 years developing and refining the process to create the products he now believes to be amongst the most prestigious, socially responsible and environmentally friendliest available in the global market.

Serge Giampetrone

Managing Director

Business partner and joint Managing Director Serge Giampetrone has had a long distinguished career in Financial Planning, operating his own practice for over 20 years. He has a solid and ethical business background and believes in creating and maintaining sound policy and procedure. Serge is an innovative thinker, constantly seeking out and implementing state-of-the-art accounting software and improved methods. He hs a strong focus on customer service and insists that clients and stakeholders globally are able to access requires information readily. Serge recently sold his company to co-found Choix Naturel as he shares Rick’s passion and vision in every aspect of the products and the industry.

Krysia Patterson

Director of Sales – Australia, Hawaii & Texas

Krysia Patterson has been in the floor covering industry for over 30 years. Although she has left a few times over the years to pursue other interests, Krysia kept returning as her true passion lays with the industry.
She has worked both in management and sales and was a key staff member with Australia’s largest floor covering wholesaler for a number of years.
Krysia is respected in the industry for her knowledge and experience and admired for her interpersonal skills with both clients and contractors. Due to these attributes Krysia was enticed to join Choix Naturel and we are proud to have her as Director (of her own entity) of Sales in these regions.

Ton Nu Bao Khuyen(Kate)

Singapore,South Korea & Vietnam; Sales Manager

Born, raised and based in Vietnam, Khuyen has together with her successful long term modelling career, been in sales and marketing throughout Asia for a number of years.
Whilst modelling Khuyen developed a passion for all things fashionable from Cosmetics, Attire to Interior Design and decoration. Working in the top segment of these dynamic industries has led her to seek out or be offered representation of products which are considered to be of the best in their field.
Servicing Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects in Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam, Khuyen understands and embraces Choix Naturel’s brand in entirety and is an integral and valued part of our team.

Bruce Kammerer

Artist & Designer

Bruce Kammerer was born in New York. Taking up sketching from an early age he progressively embraced other media from watercolours, acrylics and onto oils.
Bruce is the quintessential mood artist who is amongst the fortunate few able to adopt a chosen medium to best express translation of a vision onto paper, backing board or canvas with much of his work proudly hung in some of the finest homes in the USA.
He is equally as passionate about monochromatic design as he is using vibrant colour combinations in either traditional or contemporary works.
Bruce embraces the translation of his works into Choix Naturel’s Alpaca products due to the fiber being arguably the worlds best of the ‘Noble Fibers’ within its category.
Whilst Bruce will continue his artistry, he and Choix Naturel have chosen each other to proudly partner enabling Choix Naturel to offer its varied clientele a high quality full service on concept/design to finished product realization. The ability to incorporate various design influences/elements from artwork, soft furnishings and furniture creates true interior harmony and non-competing heroes. This is indeed their USP
BAK Art & Design