Choix Naturel Quality

Every process is carefully managed to ensure structural integrity and pristine appearance is achieved. This together with our confidence in our experienced team enables us to provide the guarantees to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our woven and tufted products are produced respectively on the world's finest ( tightest ) guage machinery. This is enabled due to the uncompromised quality and consistency in our yarns which are created from stringently classed fibers ( fibres ). As a result we proudly believe that we have arguably the highest quality products of their type in the global marketplace and which in no manner can be improved or bettered. All Choix Naturel products are independently tested and graded by recognized Industry Authorities which provides further peace of mind for our customers. All Choix Naturel’s products meet and exceed all global minimum application (rating ) requirements for Fire/Smoke and Emmissions.

Environmental Benefits

  • No dye stuff pollutants entering waterways*
  • Low embodied energy required to produce
  • Minimal water usage as compared to dyed products*
  • Improved air quality through less off-gassing / VOC’s
  • Recyclable into other products
  • Friendlier in landfill due to naturel fibres degrading quicker

Technical Properties

  • High UV resistance from sunlight fade
  • Fibre maintains added integrity due to not been subjected to harsh dyeing processes.*
  • Excellent fire retardant properties
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • *Choix Naturel’s undyed products