• What are the advantages of the carpets and rugs being undyed?

  • Alpaca fleece reacts like human hair in that the more processing it goes through such as bleaching, dyeing, perming, etc the weaker and limper it becomes. The surface pile in ‘over processed’ carpets may struggle to retain memory resulting in accelerated wear and overall poor appearance retention. The rate of fading may also be accelerated. The yarns in the surface pile of our carpets and rugs have not been subjected to the harsh dyeing process and readily retain their construction memory. Normal dyed carpets in natural fibres are more difficult to spot clean for fear of removing colour. No dyes in our products result in no water usage associated with the dyeing process which includes dyeing, cooling, dilution, washing, etc. No dye stuff pollutants entering and damaging the waterways is also wonderful for the environment.

  • How do you clean Alpaca carpets?

  • Our carpets are maintained in the usual manner. We suggest to vacuum weekly. We recommend not to use a turbo head vacuum cleaner as some may be too severe on the surface pile of cut pile products. Dry cleaning is the safest professional clean and we strongly recommend using a quality cleaning contractor. Use reputable products to spot clean and always check in an obscure area or mat to make sure that they don’t discolour or bleach the pile.

  • Do Alpaca carpets and rugs pill like normal wool carpets?

  • All naturel fibre carpets normally pill ( fluff ) to some degree. This is due to the short fibres working their way to the surface of the pile and fluff left behind after shearing ( cutting to make level ) on cut pile products. This is normal and almost always dissipates after a short time. With the super high density (quality) Alpaca cut pile carpets and rugs, as is the case with most high quality cut pile wool carpets, this may take a little longer for the pilling to cease as the fibres are held in the pile a little tighter.

  • Isn’t Alpaca fleece only used in clothing?

  • Alpacas are like sheep and goats in that their individual fleece varies.Animals can have fine, medium or coarse fleece.The fine is mostly used in apparel, medium in duvets and throw rugs, with coarse ideally suited to carpets and area rugs. Our fleece is expertly classed to obtain only the preferred length(s), shade and micron ( unit of measure ) in order to achieve overall optimum results.